Product Fulfilment

Once an order is placed, our team will instantly pack your orders following your brand guidelines, and send it off to your customers with the most affordable rates possible.


We'll organise and hold your inventory on our shelves, keeping them safe with advanced security systems.
(storage, receiving)

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Live Inventory Control

You'll get live updates on your inventory as orders go out, with weekly reporting so you can easily manage your inventory.

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Custom Packaging

Creating an unforgettable unboxing experience with Ninja Logistics Customisation Suite that will help your brand stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression.

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Same Day Order Dispatch

Same-day shipping on orders before 1pm, with live parcel tracking to keep your customers engaged & happy.

Returns Management

Our team accepts and manages all return orders. We record any details regarding the returned product and assess if acceptable for resale. Generally we work with our clients during onboarding to determine rules for returned goods inspection.

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Seamless Technology Integrations

Our cutting-edge technology will seamlessly integrate with your Storefront (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magenta, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy), allowing you to know exactly what's going on.

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Analytics & Reporting

It’s easy to view the status of inventory and quantity on hand across locations at any point in time, identify slow-moving inventory with high storage costs, and gain insights into the performance of units sold over time by channel.

Cargo Insurance

In-depth protection that includes fire and explosion, water damage, loading or unloading operations, theft, leakage, malicious damage, Acts of God and more.

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Support 24/7

All customer get access to our fully trained, specialised in-house support team, for rapid responses, available 24/7

Online Tracking

Track all your packages in Australia and abroad - just enter your tracking number and get real-time updates.

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We have partnered with Ecologi, for every order sent, we are planting tree's around Australia. Eco-Friendly Packaging Options At Ninja Logistica we are conscious about the packaging materials we use.

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Showroom for your products

Offer shoppers the ability to test, try and touch the merchandise, then opt for home delivery instead of carry-out.

coming soon

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Letters and Holiday Cards

Send handwritten cards, holiday cards, postcards, and notes, that will surprise and delight your customers with direct mail that is super-personalized.

coming soon

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Photo / Video Studio

We provide accessible and affordable content solutions to eCommerce entrepreneurs and businesses; whether they’re just a Start-Up or a long-time established brand, our top-rated Photography & Video production team is ready to help.

coming soon

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Pick and Collect

Allow your customers to order online and pick up their purchase from our warehouse.

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Steps For Work

How It Works

Ninja Logistics is a tech-enabled 3PL. We use our proprietary software across our fulfilment network for a cohesive experience. Orders are automatically sent to our warehouses, where inventory is picked, packed, and shipped to your customers.

Our fulfilment services help you optimise for time and cost, use the delivery experience to beat customer expectations, and own more of the customer relationship.


Connect your store, import your products, then send us your inventory.


We store your inventory in our fulfilment centres.


Your customer places an order on your store


As soon as a customer places an order, we ship it.


Companies Who Trust Us


Excellent company
quality services

"As we saw our business beginning to gain traction, we needed to find a fulfilment partner that could help us manage the 1000s of orders we would get in minutes. We found exactly that with NinjaLogistics."

Manager of Blendaco

"NinjaLogistics’s speed to scale and fast pick, pack, and ship process has been seamless, as our business grew 1,200% in 2 weeks. They’ve been a great ally, facilitating a 2-3 day delivery time in the AU"

Manager of NinjaShark